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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Logobench complaint: The annoying optical illusion logo of Sonos.

Posted By: Logo Bench - 7:05 AM

The new Sonos logo is now a viral news all over the internet. It does not happen normally that a brand logo get viral unless there is some discrepancy. The distortion here is purely accidental as claimed by the creators. The particular logo is pretty simple with the brand name written in edgy typography but it’s the background that’s turning heads.

The creators of the logo say that the logo they created included a background which showed rays coming out of the logo but it turned out to be an optical illusion. It would appear that sound waves radiate straight from its center. Its sound marking that sets out a visual beat, an impact so cool that the logo got tweeted by the Verge and circulated around the web. What's more marking never turns into a web sensation well, at slightest not in a decent manner. Actually, it was truly intended to show the thought of enhancement the topical grapple around Sonos new re-marking. Sonos has been a darling purveyor of remote speakers for quite a while, however the organization has been forcefully situating itself as something much greater the umbrella to all cloud music administrations.

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