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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Logobench complaints on not carefully choosing the logo fonts.

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While designing a logo you can be easily tempted to use gimmicky font’s types just to look fancier. They are used widely and available online for free. If you want your logo to look professional and to stand the test of time then avoid using these fancy looking gimmicky fonts. The idea of a logo should be original and to look unique, it has to completely copy free. This can only be achieved by having a new font if the logo demands some words or letters in it. Sometimes logos are nothing more than symbols and pictures. But most of the times logos do include fonts.

If you are using a font that is available online then be aware that the same font will be used by thousands of other logo designers before. Keeping your fonts simple will make your logo look simple and easy to understand and remember. For example the cellular brand Nokia has a logo that only has letters representing Nokia. The font is unique to this logo and overall impression of the logo is very readable and memorable. Another example could be the sports brand Nike where there is the iconic swoosh and the Nike name in a unique font. 

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